The Best Cities You Must Visit While in Italy

Places to See in Italy and Some of Their Travel Tips

Italy is known for many reasons ranging from its ancient architecture, music, food, art, and beautiful scenery in the country. Since one trip in Italy does not guarantee to cover almost every place, depending on the time you will be there; there are those places that should be at the top of your list.

Some of the best places to travel in Italy include:

  • Rome
  • Tuscany
  • Florence
  • Milan
  • Verona
  • Venice
  • Naples
  • Sicily
  • Lake Como
  • Cinque Terre

Tips to travel in each of the cities and enhance your traveling experience are as below.


Rome is a city of history. It has a wide selection for you to visit that are ancient and about Christianity. Looking at the Colosseum, it’s a sports arena kind of Amphitheatre. Since the ADs, the building has its history, making it an attraction. The Arch of Constantine, which is beside the Colosseum, also is a place to enter. There is also the Vatican City, which is under the Roman Catholic Church ruler, the Pope. A monument with all the Roman antiquity known as the Pantheon is also found in Rome. Depending on your interests, there is also the Roman Forum, Trevi Fountain, Santa Maria Maggiore Piazza Navona, and the Palatine Hill. With all the structures, Roma is filled with history.

Tuscany and Florence

Starting with Florence, it has museums, churches, and palaces with the most treasured art in the world. Visiting the cathedral, Baptistery, the church in Santa Croce opens for you to see the best art galleries. The galleries have Italian paintings which you might require a guide to translate Italian to English for you. Tuscany has an interesting characteristic of festival events all the time. It’s filled with leisure from the traditions and cultures of the area being celebrated. Visiting the region gives you a chance to taste the finest wine in Italy and then enjoy the Tuscan dish along with the wine.


When traveling between various cities, Milan is one to go by. Museums available and neighborhoods worth to visit in the city include the Duomo Cathedral, Galleria Vittorio Emanuele, and the La Scala Opera House. Then you can do some shopping in the city rich in fashion.


This amazing city is known for the play Romeo and Juliet. The famous play has Verona as its setting. So, you can imagine the city as a romantic city, full of love. The small towns around to carry out some shopping after you have visited the large amphitheaters in the city are just fine. Pass by the city on your way to Venice.


Venice is the other romantic city to pass by for a day. The city is small and very compressed to take a few moments before you move to another city. The canals in the city and the gondola ride in the city for you to see the St. Mark’s Square is just perfect. You will fall in love with the architecture in the city too.


This is a busy city being the third-largest city in Italy. Here, you get the Italian experience on your travel to Italy. Besides the historical sites and the artistic works in the city, there is a vibrant atmosphere due to the restaurants, shops, and venues filled with activities. Almost all Italian foods that we know have originated from the city. The spaghetti, parmigiana and the pizzas are very common in the city. Making sure you feel the local foods here with the original ingredients is crucial in your to-do list.


Visiting the largest island in the Mediterranean Sea is also worth experiencing. It’s a history rich island with the historic Greek temples in it. On the island, some places you can visit include Taormina, which is also the pearl of the Mediterranean Sea, Etna, which is the highest active volcano in Europe, Ortigia, Segesta, and Erice. Each of these places has its special features. Don’t forget Palermo, which is featured as the capital of street foods in the world.

Lake Como

You cannot deny the attractive Lake Como. The gardens lined along the shore with villas full of luxury are enough to say why the rich prefer this destination. Its scenery is just breathtaking. In Lake Como, make sure you go around the lake by visiting the towns and villages that are along the lake. Get in one villa also and after, take a cruise on the lake. It`s much worth to feel the scenery of the lake.

Cinque Terre

You wouldn’t mind entering the seaside villages which are centuries old all on the coastline of Italian Riviera. Your visit to this destination will incorporate going through the 5 villages. By any means you choose, either by car, train, water or even on foot, you should be able to see the scenery in this destination. Just be prepared to eat the fried seafood in Cinque Terre.

Traveling in Italy is, therefore, a good experience to have. There is so much waiting for you in that country that you will probably enjoy. The secret of a good visitor, a tourist to maximize the experience, is to do more in-depth research of the area. Travel like a local, and definitely, you will be receiving more authentic experience and a great measure of the locals’ culture.