What an Adult Can Expect from a Disney Cruise

What would come into mind when you hear the word Disney Cruise? Yes, lots of kids and kid-related stuff aboard. While this is primarily the market for this type of cruise, it has not overlooked the needs of adults that would have to accompany young travelers. What you may not know, however, is that Disney Cruise can be a great vacation option for an adult travelling solo.

Adult-Only Spaces

If there are kid-friendly areas, there are adult-friendly spaces aboard the liner as well. These include adults-only pool, restaurants, swim-up bar and lounges. For a spot of entertainment, adults can check out the bar named Pink for snacks and champagne or the 687 sports bar for a round of drinks, while watching a football game. Suffice to say that you will have a space for some adult fun or just peace and quiet, away from the children.

Adults-Only Beach

What can you do when stop at the Disney private island? For starters, you can take a dip or just relax at the adults-only beach. If you want to make the most of your time, you can also sign up for a yoga session or an open-air massage. Since it’s exclusive for adults, the only raucous you can expect would be from other adults, which hopefully would be non-existent during your vacation.

Adults-Only Meals

Grilled cheese, hamburger and fries, and chicken fingers are sure to appeal with children’s taste buds, but probably not as much as they would on adults. Disney Cruise knows this too well, which is why some service and food are also executed at a level that will surely impress adults. Remy, for instance, is a formal French restaurant that serves fancy dinners and sea-day brunch. So, sure, you still need to bring a formal dinner wear to your Disney Cruise for that elegant dining experience. Besides, you might get lucky, what with you travelling solo and all, to meet someone and go on a date.